In this work I have used small plastic cups used in many Christian congregations celebrating the sacrament of communion. This sacrament places believers in table fellowship with the risen Christ, a holy meal that connects the human need for physical and spiritual sustenance. By placing these plastic cups upside down and hanging them over ceramic table ware, I ask questions of the vessels we use in ritual and open opportunity for new awareness about the meaning of the communion meal, the value of tradition, and the possibilities for the transformation in religious practice.

Detail photos show the visual dynamism of plastic communion cups tied together. Light reflections, repetition of form, and the directionality created by the overall piece communicates a cascading quality, as though the contents of the cups are emptying into the ceramic vessels below. The use of plastic in this piece questions the use of a material that destroys the earth in a ritual that is meant to recognize the goodness of creation.

7 ft x 40 in x 40 in


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