Self Portrait (Choreography of Self-Consciousness)



As a dancer, I grew up analyzing my every move in the mirror. Dance involves training the body as if it were any other object, coaxing it to stretch farther and jump higher. This work is an exploration of the impact this conditioning in self-criticism has on my psyche.

The ceramic objects in this work fit together like dancers in a choreographed piece. My movements to rearrange them in the mirror also become choreography and mirror my attempts to control my body in dance training. The ceramic objects I arrange seem to be in motion even as they remain static. Their shadows work to add yet another layer to the installation while also suggesting the figurative qualities of their forms.

This work creates layers of reflections and lenses: the camera lens, the studio mirror, the studio floor, the shadows on the wall, and the gallery installation form layers of self-consciousness and become a self portrait.  The audience of the work becomes the final layer, and their movements in viewing the work become choreography as well.

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